KT-24 Tungsten Tear Drop Series

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 C00- Gold  C01- Silver
 C03- Orange Glow  C04- Orange Tiger Glow
 C05- Mad Rat  C06- Yellow Glow
 C07- Red Glow  C08- Red Tiger Glow
 C09- UV Watermelon  C10- Sunrise Glow
 C11- UV Fast Eddie  C12- Sunrise Tiger Glow
 C13- Bluegill Glow  C14- Bumble Bee Glow
 C15- UV Halloween  C16- Spartan Glow
 C19- Pirate Glow  C20- UV Silver Pirate
 C23- UV Orange Gold  C24- UV Gold Pirate
 C25- UV Kryptonite  C39- Fire Tiger Glow
 C44- UV Clown  C47- Mark’s Tiger Blue Glow