About Us

Kodiak Sporting Goods was started in 2006 in Tecumseh, Michigan by Jeffery Gerstler and run by himself and his mother Janet Gerstler. Janet and Jeff have both been active in the sporting goods business for over 20 years. Jeffs parents Paul & Janet owned and operated Pine Grove
Tackle Shop for 17 years.

In 2006, a dream began in the little country town of Tecumseh Michigan. Former Vice President of production at a well known plastics manufacturing company Jeffery Gerstler started Kodiak Sporting Goods. Jeff’s family owned and operated a very successful Bait & Tackle Shop for almost 20 years so he was no stranger to the Fishing Industry. Kodiak Sporting Goods almost immediately sparked interest beyond the local fishing community by sponsoring several ice fishingevents in several different states across the ice belt, and in a very short period of time Kodiak Jigs & lures had become very well known for it’s quality, customer service and value.
Jeffery Alan Gerstler passed away in June of 2008. We will all miss his enthusiasm,sense of humor and energy. He was one of a kind and would do anything for almost anyone.
Early in 2009 Jeffs mother Janet asked me if I were interested in carrying on with Jeffs business and without hesitation I answered YES!
So with new team members aboard (Janet Gerstler),(Rachel Pikulski),(Joe Pikulski) dedicated to providing superior quality and service. Kodiaks new structure streamlines the process of buying and selling jigs & lures and focuses on cultivating Michigan’s fishing and small business communities.. One thing, however, will never change-Kodiak Sporting Goods maintains a level of service and affordability unsurpassed by any other small business of its kind, locally or nationally.

The staff at Kodiak Sporting Goods will continuously strive to connect with every aspect of the fishing community. From the local pro to the weekend warrior, we are here to be your exclusive online sporting goods marketplace, keeping the solutions for your every fishing need only a click or phone call away!

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